Beretta Nano BU-9

Beretta BU9 Nano 9x19mm Parabellum
Beretta BU9 Nano 9x19mm Parabellum

Love is not a strong enough word to explain how I feel about the Beretta Nano. This is by far my favorite every day carry pistol. It’s a very sleek firearm, and I cannot understand why it hasn’t received more praise from the gun community than it has – especially when compared to the other pocket pistols on the market that have been having issue after issue and recall after recall. With a price-tag of about $425-$475 it’s a competitive deal too.

Beretta Nano (Left) Sig Sauer (Right)
Beretta Nano (Left) Sig Sauer (Right)


Beretta labels the Nano as “the ultimate evolution of the micro compact carry pistol”, and I would totally agree. It utilizes a removable, serialized sub-chassis; meaning the Nano pistol can be easily modified with replaceable grip frames and is simple to disassemble and maintain. Beretta has now even come out and offered replacement frames in various colors – which is a plus for those that want to modify the look of their firearm.

Different grip textures would be a huge plus, but as of yet that’s not an option. You can however custom stipple the grip like I have done; it really ads some bite to your grip.

Modular structure, ergonomics and ease of use make the Beretta Nano the ideal firearm for concealed carry. Ease of use and concealment were key drivers by Beretta during the development of the Nano.

The Nano’s extremely low profile and the snag free design make it very easy to carry and draw from concealment. It’s virtually unnoticeable when worn concealed, even if your wearing a semi-tight shirt. If you’re printing or profiling when wearing the Nano, you’re probably doing it wrong. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the Nano’s magazine release button can be easily reversed. The light, durable, frame employs modern thermoplastic technology through the use of fiberglass reinforced technopolymer.


The Nano’s sights are user adjustable with a 1.3mm hexwrench and your fingers. This allows anyone to adjust their sights without the assistance of a gunsmith. Beretta even has Trijicon night sights available now via their website for around $105. These gas-filled lamps are silicone cushioned to take years of use and come with a full warranty. A must have for anyone worried about shooting at night.

The Nano packs 6+1 rounds with the OEM single stack magazine, which is pretty standard for the size of pistol; but you can now purchase an extended OEM magazine with 8+1 capacity and a extended grip. The Nano comes equipped with a 5.7lb trigger as well, which by comparison is slightly lighter than the 6.5lbs claimed by the S&W Shield. All in all, the Nano is surprising easy to shoot for such a small firearm, even for large handed shooters.

Beretta Nano
Beretta Nano


The polymer-and-steel framed BU9 isn’t the lightest of the pocket-pistols, as it tips the scales at just under 18 oz. However, that added weight helps manage the recoil, muzzle rise and shooting accuracy of the hotter rounds. The BU9 is +P rated, meaning this baby-nine was designed to shoot heavier loads. Shooters that have shot 115gr bullets have claimed to have some failure to eject (FTE), and other ammo related issues. I personally have shot hundreds of 115gr FMJ bullets at the range and had zero issues, no failure to eject (FTE), etc. Some shooters have also reported having better accuracy with the heavier loads, especially 147gr. In the video below Ben Cook tortured tested the Nano, withholding lubrication and cleaning during thousands of rounds, but Beretta USA did admit the Nano might have an issue with under-powered ammo. So keep that in mind when buying your ammo.


All in all, I give this pocket-pistol a 10 out of 10. I just absolutely love it. I carry this pocket pistol nearly every day without any issues what so ever. It’s snag-free, reliable and perfect for concealed carry, you just cannot go wrong with this firearm. The BU9 Nano is also made in The U.S.A., you’ve gotta like that!

[Rating: 1 through 5 Stars] = Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Specifications: Model: JMN9S15 Caliber: 9mm Parabellum (Luger) Capacity: 6+1 Overall Length: 5.63” Barrel Length: 3.07”

Trigger Weight: 5.7lbs Height: 4.17” Width: .90” Weight (unloaded): 17.67oz. Sights: 3 dot low profile Slide: Pronox finish 4140 steel Frame: Technopolymer MSRP: $475 (about $400 street)

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