CRKT Kangee T-Hawk – Tactical Tomahawk

CRKT Kangee
(Picture by Keith Sipmann. CRKT Kangee)

Have you ever been in a survival or intense situation where you felt a knife wasn’t going to be enough to get the job done? Well when things get crazy enough that you need something bigger like a tactical tomahawk, you can’t afford to buy a cheaply made tool online only to use it and have it fail on you in the heat of the moment. You will want a quality made tool that is designed to do its job well and get you, your team or your family out of harm’s way. Meet the Kangee T-Hawk, a powder coated tactical tomahawk with a full tang curved handle made with a single-piece SK5 steel construction with an ax front and spike back. The Kangee, designed by Ryan Johnson, is a very versatile tool. It can be used as a breaching, extraction or door busting tool for the military or law enforcement, it can be a great addition to your bug-out bag as a survival tool, or it can be used as your last line of defense in your home. 

(Picture by Keith Sipmann. CRKT Kangee)

The SK5 high carbon steel used by CRKT in the Kangee can be found most abundantly in Japan. It is of very high quality.  SK5 high-carbon steel is known for being a tough, impact resistant and somewhat shock resistant steel; which makes total sense to use it in a chopping tool. The increased carbon increases abrasion resistance and permits the steel to achieve a perfect balance of very good blade toughness and excellent edge holding ability.  So overall, SK5 is a pretty impressive steel choice for a tactical tomahawk and is probably one of the best steel choices for the money. For around $185, you really do get more than what you pay for when you buy a CRKT Kangee.

CRKT Kandgee / Glock34 / 45TacticalDesigns / HOG
(Pictured: CRKT Kangee / Glock34 / Topsknives HOG 4.5 with 45TacticalDesigns Kydex Sheath)

The handle or grip of the Kangee is one of the best I’ve seen on the market for “tactical tomahawks”. The curved full tang design is a huge plus too, and the grip groves along the handle really add some additional grip security when swinging or chopping. Overall design and quality of the materials used in this tomahawk is excellent.

The Kangee features Ryan Johnson’s “3 Slot Buckle” system for easy attachment to MOLLE gear and has a form-fitting Kydex sheaths that firmly slips over the head and secure with a buckled strap.

Tomahawks in general have been a mainstay of utility and self-defense fighting in the military for a long time. The Kangee is a very well balanced and easily controlled tool; to have one is to know and appreciate its true worth in the field…especially one this well made. Every serious hiker, camper, survivalist or member of the military should have one of these in their pack.

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Open Overall Length

13.75 inches


1 lb. 8.4 ounces



2.93 inches


0.23 inches


SK5 Carbon Steel




Black Powder Coat




Axe Edge Front with Spike





Glass Filled Nylon; EDM Finish


Carry System

Black Kydex Sheath with Molle Clip Platform


3.6 ounces



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  1. The tactical tomahawks are one of the best weapon for every survival situation when knife and any other thing is not going to be enough for defencing yourself. These are available online at low cost. These military axes are very durable and efficient.

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