Concealed Carry vs Open Carry: A message to irresponsible Open Carry practitioners

As the title implies, this is a message to “Irresponsible” open carry practitioners, and not to those who responsibly exercise their rights. 

As a current serving military member, former LEO, self-employed firearms instructor and a huge advocate of the 2nd amendment; open carry if done correctly is an effective exercise of ones rights. However, this new trend of wannabe, Delta Dan fantasy operators out there, that run to the store to get a Dr. Pepper while carrying an AR15 or AK47 loaded with high-capacity magazines, or a pistol with multiple magazines on a belt, looking like Rambo meets Inspector Gadget, while wearing a “Don’t Tread on ME” t-shirt and a bandana head band, are doing nothing but fueling controversy and hindering the efforts of those who advocate gun rights on our behalf.

You are causing LEO’s to direct their attention from actual criminal activity, to investigate some call of paranoia in reference to a person walking into a public establishment loaded with an assault rifle, in a time where people do carry firearms into places with evil intent, and go on shooting sprees (consider the most recent active shooter in Charleston, South Carolina). This is the most blatant act of an irresponsible gesture, and does not accomplish anything other than giving the true opponents of the Second Amendment, fuel for their agenda.

So here is my suggestion. If you want to claim that you’re exercising your right to defend yourself, then do so by adopting a mature approach and constitutional sense of responsibility. Learn the laws pertaining to firearms in the jurisdiction which you occupy, like it is your second language. Go to an accomplished and legitimate training company and get trained on how to properly protect yourself by learning the science of survival using a firearm. Stop watching movies and hoping for the day you can be hailed a hero. That is a fallible fantasy and does not replicate real world experience! Use situational awareness, learn threat detection techniques and conflict avoidance, and maintain an effective contingency plan at all times, before you get yourself, your family, or an innocent bystander killed. Just because you own an assault rifle or a pistol, doesn’t mean you have what it takes to effectively deploy that weapons system in a life threatening situation. And you definitely aren’t going to single-handedly stop secret government ninjas, fast roping from Blackhawk helicopters overhead, from taking you out. Train to be able to handle the physiological effects your body will experience when you are facing potential violent death. This doesn’t come in the box your firearm comes in. It’s learned through incredible dedication to extensive training in the art of gun play.  Learn how to interact with your local law enforcement community, and stop making it difficult for them. Have some consideration for those who do not share your views. If you truly desire to preserve the rights, our founders so gallantly fought for, then show enough respect for their sacrifices and adopt a responsible approach to exercising those rights, or you simply risk losing them.


Author BIO: As Owner and Director of Medical and Defensive training at Rogue Defensive Strategies, it is my responsibility to oversee and determine the feasibility of defensive firearms training for Civilians.  As a company it is our goal to provide our customers with the most current medical and defensive solutions to problems encountered in a Civilian self-defense. As a writer, it is my responsibility and goal to keep you informed.


8 thoughts on “Concealed Carry vs Open Carry: A message to irresponsible Open Carry practitioners

  1. There is no such thing as a ‘high-capacity’ magazine. Way to use the gun-grabber terminology and feeding into their narrative.


    1. I want to sincerely thank you for your reply donutpie. I appreciate your input, but I beg to differ. First I do not believe my choice of the term “high-capacity magazine” was in any way, an example of me using “gun-grabber” terminology. Nor was I feeding into their narrative. If anyone takes the liberty to think I advocate for the left and their anti-gun agenda, they are mistaken. In fact let me elaborate. I was actually using the term that is recognized by many as a legitimate term. Let’s not get confused; I am not against magazines that have the capability to hold a larger than average number of rounds.

      Since I consider 30 rounds to be a standard, I personally refer to anything over 30 rounds as high capacity. It is what I have carried in the military since 1991, and what I carried as an LEO. And in wake of the controversy surrounding an open carry advocate recently exercising his right to open carry, with an AR15 loaded with a 100 round magazine, at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta GA, I use the term without hesitation.

      Is a 5, 10, 20, or 30 round magazine “high-capacity? Not in my opinion. I’d say they are standard at best. But 60-100+ round mags…. that is pretty much a number, that anyone could argue with articulable reason, as high-capacity in comparison.

      According to the NRA, a high-capacity magazine is defined as “[an] inexact, not-technical term indicating a magazine holding more rounds than might be considered ‘average.'” Maybe I’m ill informed, but in my humble opinion, 100 round magazines are not average. Also, in regards to the term, “high-capacity magazines”; most major suppliers sale magazines under the title “high-capacity magazines”. And not to mention, the term “high-capacity magazine” is recognized as a legal term, in many legal jurisdictions, when referring to magazines with the capability of holding a larger than average number of rounds.

      When it boils down to it, to imply that a “high-capacity magazine” is non-existent; is not logical. It’s like saying, ain’t, ain’t a word. Or “to-may-to, to-mah-to”… For the sake of bringing resolution to the debate, it is nothing more than a term and my particular choice of words. I, in no way concur with the left, their agenda, or their ridiculous use of incorrect rhetoric. Maybe the term “large capacity magazine” is more pleasing to the ears. I will take into careful consideration what you wrote.

      Again, I sincerely thank you for your opinion and hope you continue to read the blogs.

      Respectfully Submitted,
      Cooper Allen


  2. If the intent was to draw a comparison of two different groups of armed individuals in a coffee shop, and make a thinly veiled suggestion that the crass booger eaters with the rifles are what’s threatening the 2nd Amendment, understand that they were in TEXAS which at the time was one of the only 6 States in the Nation that didn’t afford them the option of a handgun. It was only through many, many public demonstration “walks” such as that one that Texas activists (with no help from the NRA or TSRA) managed to not only get Open Carry on the Republican Platform, but actually get the law written and PASSED.

    Open carry isn’t for everyone, I get that. I do, however, think that a grown assed man or woman can make that determination for themselves rather than have it mandated by others. For crying out loud it was the law in the OVERWHELMING majority of States in one form or another, and from what I understand it is now the law in two more.

    Had there been an armed person in that Charleston church besides the criminal intent on murder, perhaps lives would have been saved. We will never know, but I doubt seriously that it would have been WORSE.


  3. Open carry is for police officers. Everybody else needs to calm the fuck down and keep their cards closer to the vest. Just because you’re pro 2A doesn’t mean you need to wear it slung, or unslung, at patrol ready. Not that any of these dumbasses (at Chipotle, specifically) getting the media attention look like they’ve been doing enough PT to be ready for a patrol….


    1. Chris,

      Thanks for reading and thanks for your reply. I couldn’t agree more with your statements. I’m not sure if you have read of the latest open carry incident last week in Gulfport, Mississippi. Two “supporters” of the second amendment, went into a Walmart “openly carrying”, a shotgun. They brandished the weapon and racked a round into the chamber in front of customers. They were eventually arrested for disturbance of the peace. These two bumbling idiots, are lucky I wasn’t present that day. It is highly likely that I would have drawn on them and probably shot the subject with the shotgun. In wake of the mass shootings in this country, I feel I would have been justified in concluding that a shooting was about to take place.

      Rogue Defensive Strategies


      1. Yeah, the Walmart incident was fresh on my mind, and I think I would have drawn on them too. The open carry arena leaves a lot of room for agitators and idiots to join the party without sharing the ideals of core open carry advocates. Paints them all with a broad brush, so to speak. So we’ve learned that idiots do a damn fine job of exposing themselves for the world to see- what’s a responsible fellow to do? I conclude that my only viable course of action is to carry concealed and not be painted with the broad brush- which is going swimmingly, this RCS Eidolon holster I just got really is the heat for appendix holsters. It pushes my thin (but shrinking!) layer of belly fat up enough to make me look a little chubbier at the waist, but doesn’t print like the bladetech “klipt” holster it replaced.


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