Shooting in Texas: Walter Scott shooting has ‘serious consequences’ for freedom shooting center

The shooting at the Freedom Shooting Center in Texas has “serious consequences” for freedom-shooting centers, the leaders of the nation’s oldest shooting range told the Associated Press.

“It has serious consequences for people who want to be safe,” said Walter Scott’s father, Robert Scott, speaking from his home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“This is a place that’s been around for 100 years, and now it’s a target.”

“This shooting has got to be stopped,” Robert Scott said.

Robert Scott said he is “100 percent confident” the shooting at Scott’s family-owned shooting range in Waco will be investigated and found to have been an accident.

The shooting took place last month at the range’s main entrance, where the shooting range’s founder and founder’s wife were at a business meeting.

Walter Scott’s body was found the next day in a parking lot of a nearby Walmart store.

More than a dozen people were arrested in connection with the shooting, including one of Scott’s relatives.

The shooter, a 32-year-old white man from nearby Houston, was identified as Richard Brown, and he was later arrested and charged with capital murder.

He has not been charged in Scott’s death.

The family of a woman who was killed in a separate shooting at a range in the same county told WFAA-TV that the shooting there was a result of an ongoing dispute between her parents.