Hacker News’ @macktobackt posts a fake news

with a bunch of pictures of police officers article Hacker News is a community of content creators.

It’s where we share stories, share images, and build a community around news.

In this case, @mcktobacks is posting a fake article on his news feed, claiming that “there is an active shooting” in Atlanta.

The article claims that a “police officer was shot and killed” in a parking lot near the Georgia Tech campus.

However, @mkcw, the account behind the story, is not a police officer.

It appears to be an individual from the community who is upset about police brutality.

When I reached out to @mkCw for comment, he didn’t respond to a request for comment.

@mackspace/Twitter user @makestreamer has also posted a fake police shooting story on his account, claiming a police shooting occurred in New York City.

When @mkCSayre contacted @mashable about the fake news, @MKCSayres confirmed that it was not his account and that it had been suspended.

@mkcsayre/Twitter/Instagram Twitter also suspended the account of @mkchris_wilson, who was posting fake police news stories and tweets to his Twitter followers.

@MKC_Wilson/Twitter The account of the man who created the story was removed.

I asked @mkmsnr about the suspensions and they confirmed that this is not the case.

@msnrschmidt/Twitter @mkmcsayres has also removed the account @makspace, which is linked to the account that posted the fake police report.

@mpnrcnrc/Twitter I reached @mkscw for an explanation for the suspension, and he did not provide a response.

@MCSayren/Twitter This is a problem with the way news organizations use their platforms.

As we’ve seen, the internet is a dangerous place for real journalists.

If a news outlet has a problem, they should be held accountable for the content and not the news outlet.

This situation should be handled on a case-by-case basis, but we should all be mindful of the dangers of fake news and how it can be spread and used as a weapon by the media.

The content that goes viral on the internet can have a huge impact on our ability to make informed decisions.

For example, in February, Facebook banned a user who shared a fake story claiming that a police car was hit by a car bomb and the driver was killed.

Facebook says the post was a result of the “hateful content” that had been shared on its platform.

In an effort to combat misinformation, the company has set up tools that allow users to flag posts, check the source, and flag posts that contain “fake news,” or other questionable content.

It is important that the content that gets shared on social media is accurate, credible, and is fact-checked.

If you see something that looks fake, don’t share it.

It doesn’t help you if the content is actually real.

If the information is not factual, it doesn’t tell us anything useful about the individual who created it.

@cbsnews/Twitter #WeAreAtlanta The @mkCsayre account appears to have been suspended and is no longer visible.

I reached Outpost for comment and did not receive a response by press time.