How to tell if your local FBI agents are on the lookout for you

You might have heard of the FBI’s “FBI Watch List.”

This database contains a list of every person in the United States who has been investigated by the FBI in the last 10 years for crimes ranging from marijuana to conspiracy to bank fraud.

But there are some people who are not on the FBI Watch List.

The list is not complete, and the FBI does not keep track of people who have died or are still alive, but it can tell you who has committed crimes in the country.

Here are some of the people whose names appear on the list and who could potentially be on the watch list.

Kenosha, Wisconsin: Kenoshamas Attorney General was indicted on charges of embezzlement, mail fraud, and bank fraud in 2017.

According to a police report, he was paid $1,500 by a company called RKG Securities to provide financial support to a local businessman who was running for sheriff.

He was arrested in October 2017.

KenOSHA, WI—Police report: KenOSha, WI–Police report (PDF) (The indictment says Kenoshas attorney, and his wife, were convicted in 2015 of emfezzling $1 million from a corporation they had run together called RKC Partners, Inc., a non-profit group they ran from their home.)

The indictment says the company was run by an employee of the company, who was not charged with any wrongdoing.

But the company’s president was convicted of empresennts embezzleing $400,000 from the company and sentenced to seven years in prison.

Kern County, Wisconsin—In 2016, a Kenosawas attorney general was indicted for embezing and falsifying government records.

He pled guilty to one count of emmissting and one count for perjury.

Laramie County, Wyoming—In 2018, a Lomara County, Wyo., county judge sentenced a former prosecutor to six months in jail for emmisthing government documents.

Manhattan, New York: In December, a New York State appeals court threw out a conviction against a man who had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about the number of people he had paid to buy guns.

Pasadena, California—In 2017, a Pasadena man who was on the U.S. Marshals Service’s “gun-running watch list” was arrested and charged with selling thousands of guns to a woman he met online.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in jail.

Phoenix, Arizona: In February, a Phoenix man was convicted for making false statements about his past criminal history to the U-M Police Department.

Saginaw, Michigan—In September, a Michigan man was sentenced in court to six years in federal prison for selling firearms to a gun dealer who sold them to a gang.

Washington, D.C.—In February, federal prosecutors in Washington charged a man with illegally purchasing more than 20 assault weapons, ammunition, and grenade launchers from a gun store.

He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

The list above includes people who were charged with a crime, but did not actually commit any crime.

They might have committed a traffic violation or some other misdemeanor or felony, or they might have been convicted of other crimes.

But they are not necessarily on the federal government’s watch list, and so it is not a good indicator of the severity of their offenses.

In fact, it may be helpful to know how to identify on the government’s Watch List who has died, who is still alive and on the “watch list,” and when you might want to report them.