The Dallas, Texas shooting gloves

The Dallas, TX police department has announced it is deploying a new pair of riot gear in the wake of the deadly officer-involved shooting of black man Laquan McDonald.

Police chief David Brown announced the “Riot Gear” at a press conference Tuesday morning.

Brown said he is calling on the public to donate their dollars to help fund the $250,000 purchase of the riot gear.

The riot gear, which is being made from a foam-like material, was designed to protect officers from the potentially fatal impacts of a shooting.

Brown said that if the department doesn’t get the gloves off in time, the officers who were injured could end up dead or injured in the process.

The police department is also asking for donations for other items such as body cameras and a new helmet.

The department will also be buying a new body camera system that will record the actions of police officers, and Brown said he’s also asked that the department “reconsider” the use of force policy that requires officers to use deadly force when they encounter a suspect.