Baton Rouge shooting atlas

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police department has been plagued by shooting incidents since it was created in 2011. 

On Monday, the Baton Rouge Police Department posted a video of a Baton Rouge woman who was killed during a gun battle in an alley with an officer and a civilian, after a shooting took place in the alley on January 23. 

In the video, a male and female can be seen in a standoff, before a police officer shoots the male. 

The video, which was posted to the department’s Facebook page, was titled “Baton Rouge shooting: Baton Rouge officer shoots suspect.” 

The shooting occurred in an abandoned alley in the 700 block of South Avenue. 

“Our community is not at ease with what’s going on right now,” Baton Rouge Mayor Karen Archer said in a statement Monday.

“The actions of the Batonville Police Department in this case are not reflective of our values.

The department has a long history of brutality, violence, and brutality against our communities, and I urge our community to come together and heal.” 

 The Baton Rouge police department said in an update to its website that the woman who died was an officer. 

It said the officer was responding to a report of a man who had been threatening an officer in the city’s Southside neighborhood. 

 A police report said the man shot the officer in “confrontation with the officer” when the officer confronted him and tried to detain him. 

After the shooting, the man was taken to a local hospital where he died, according to the report. 

According to the incident report, the officer, who is a nine-year veteran of the department, has been placed on administrative leave while the department investigates the incident. 

Batonville Police Chief Michael Harrison said Monday that he is deeply saddened by the death of the woman.

“She was an amazing officer, she was a mentor, she had the best job in the world,” Harrison said.

“She was a warrior and she was an ally and she left her life in a better place than she found it.”

The woman who is killed in Baton Rouge is pictured in this undated police photo. 

(Facebook/BatonRougePoliceDepartment) Bouquets were left outside the Baton Leones house where the woman was killed, which the local media has identified as a home owned by the family of an officer who was shot by an officer on Monday, January 24, 2017, in Baton Louisa, Louisiana. 

Authorities have said the woman had barricaded herself in her house after being shot by a Batonville police officer in an attempted gun battle. 

She was pronounced dead at the scene, the police department’s website states. 

This undated image provided by the Baton Orleans Police Department shows the scene where a woman was shot and killed by a police dog in Baton Orleans, Louisiana on January 24. 

A man is seen in this mugshot photo taken at the Baton Leon Police Department on Monday. 

As of Monday evening, the department had posted about 300 photos of the victims of the shooting. 

Police are still searching for a third officer involved in the shooting that took place Monday, and they are also searching for two other officers who are accused of shooting at the woman’s house, but did not fire their weapons. 

Officials have said that the police officers were placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the incident and will be on paid leave until their careers are over.