‘Pea Shootout’: Police say two women shot and killed in Texas church

A California woman was killed and a Texas woman was wounded when they opened fire in a Texas church shooting over the weekend, authorities said Monday.

In addition to the two deaths, two other people were wounded, authorities in Austin said.

Police identified the victims as 27-year-old Jodi Smith and 27-thousand-year old Josephine Smith.

The church was attacked in the city of Pearland, Texas, early Sunday.

A gunman opened fire on Sunday morning and a few hours later, police said, a total of 12 people were killed, including five children.

Police said the shooter, who had been identified by police as Josephine’s boyfriend, entered the church with a handgun and shot Smith and her sister in the head.

A witness to the shooting said the gunman, who police identified as Joseph Smith, was carrying a shotgun and an AR-15 rifle when he entered the sanctuary of a church.

He fired several shots into the crowd, killing the shooter and wounding several other people.