Theaters Are Killing Movies with the Aurora Shooting Story Source Hacker News

Hollywood is getting really bad at this one: Theaters are killing movies with the shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Theaters have been showing movies, like The Dark Knight Rises, with the sound turned off in theaters and even turned on when someone goes to the restroom, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But now, theaters are turning on the movie sound when a person goes to a restroom, the Journal reports.

It sounds like a big problem, but it’s actually a relatively new technology.

Back in the early 1990s, theater sound was enabled by plugging in an amplifier into the theater.

But nowadays, most theaters have an integrated amplifier and surround sound system.

The difference is that you can only plug in the sound of the surround sound in the theater, not the sound from the sound system itself.

So in the case of The Dark Knights Rises and The Hunger Games, the sound is actually turned off, which means that it won’t be able to play.

And if someone went to the bathroom, they won’t hear the movie.

So now, when a movie is showing in a theater, it will play the sound that you plug into the amplifier and the surround system.

But the sound won’t work in a bathroom.

Theoretically, you could just plug in a speaker that plays the movie and then turn it on when the person goes into the bathroom.

But that’s a pretty extreme scenario.

But it’s the latest example of theater-based sound making its way into movie theaters.

In the early years, theater audio technology was used for TV and radio.

Then the movie industry started adopting surround sound technology for movies, and that’s when the problem came in.

The problem is that theater sound has gotten so bad, that it’s now being used to turn the sound off when a room is being used.

It can’t be turned on again when someone gets out of the room.

The result is that movie theaters are actually turning the sound on when a bathroom is being occupied, as opposed to when a toilet is being emptied, or when someone is going to the toilet.

The solution is to have the sound switched off when people leave the theater altogether, or turn it off at all times.

This sounds like common sense, but this is not.

It is extremely dangerous, because theater sound is really bad.

And it has to be turned off when someone uses the restroom.

This is why people like Tom Hanks, and some movie theaters, are saying that the only way to make it safe is to turn it back on at the start of a movie.

And in the process, theater-style sound technology has actually been proven to be dangerous.

Here’s a video of a bathroom scene in the new film The Hunger Gates.

At the beginning of the film, when we see the scene where the kids are eating lunch in the cafeteria, we hear an amplified soundtrack from a sound system in the auditorium.

This kind of music can be heard when someone walks into the room, or a voice says, “Let’s go!” and the sound goes to full volume.

This means that the person is playing a game of ping pong in the hallways.

This sort of music is extremely distracting.

But in theaters, this kind of sound is turned off before the sound can be turned back on again.

When people leave a theater and go to the restrooms, they hear a different sound.

This isn’t a sound that was playing when they were leaving, but now it’s turned off.

And this is actually a very serious problem.

It turns sound off in the wrong places, like the bathroom stall.

You can’t turn off the sound in bathrooms that have mirrors or that have curtains or that are equipped with speakers that are louder than the sound.

So when you have a movie that is showing at a theater in the dark, you can’t have the audio turned off for the bathroom scene, and it sounds like the movie is turning off the bathroom for you, too.

You have to turn sound off before it’s turn on again, which is not really an option.

This doesn’t mean that theater-specific sound systems can’t still work in theaters.

They just have to be quieter.

But theaters should be very careful about how they use this technology.

There are several different kinds of theater sound systems that can work in an auditorium, and if you want to make sure that the sound doesn’t drown out the soundscape, you need to use something that is quieter than the room itself.

And there are some ways to do that, and you need a soundproof wall, as well.

That’s because sound in theaters tends to make noise everywhere, which makes it difficult to turn off sound in a crowded theater.

In addition, the theater sound system is only going to work if the room is big enough for it.

If you’re using a big auditorium like the