How the shooting basketball team is changing its identity

By Brian RolleThe shooting basketball club has evolved into a family, one that is not just a family of basketball players but also a community of basketball fans.

The shooting team is no longer a family team.

Instead, it’s a collective of individuals who come together for one purpose: to shoot basketball.

The NBA shooting team, which plays its games at a makeshift arena in a suburb of Washington, D.C., has become the nation’s largest grassroots basketball organization.

The players and coaches are drawn from the shooting sports community.

In 2016, the Washington Bullets and the New Orleans Pelicans signed on to the team.

Last year, the Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks signed on.

In 2017, the New York Nets and Brooklyn Nets also signed on as well.

In 2018, the shooting team won the NBA’s “Women’s Basketball” championship and took home the title of NBA’s Most Improved team.

And now, the team has expanded its membership to include players from the NBA.

This is not a basketball team you’ve seen before, according to the shooting hoops team.

It’s not just basketball.

The shooting basketball squad is a family.

In the world of basketball, the family is the most important thing.

The team has always been family first.

This year, after the Washington Wizards won the title, the basketball team’s players were able to celebrate with the players and fans of the New England Patriots after they beat the Seattle Seahawks.