FedEx shooting denvers to launch ‘sniper’ gun with an AR-15 trigger, bolt, and stock

The Federal Express shooter’s new rifle, the Ares AR-150, is an AR rifle that is not a pistol, but a sniper rifle.

The Ares AR gun has a trigger, a bolt and a stock that are designed to shoot semi-automatic cartridges and use a standard AR-type bolt and upper for the trigger.

The gun has an AR receiver and a bolt carrier group that is also an AR, but is compatible with an existing AR-style trigger.

It is intended for use in small-arms competitions.

The AR-145, the latest Ares gun, was launched in March.

The rifle is being made by Ares Arms, an American company that is based in Florida and is owned by the U.S. government.

Ares Arms has been developing and marketing AR rifles since 2011.

Ares AR is now making its first product, a new rifle called the Ares 15.

It will be released later this year.

The new Ares gun is a bolt-action AR-class rifle.

It has a 12-inch barrel and an 18-inch overall length.

The main differences between the Ares rifles are the receiver, which has a flat top that has been modified to accept a standard AK-style lower receiver and upper.

The receiver and bolt are made of forged aluminum, a material that has proven durable in military applications.

The bolt and barrel have an integral gas block, similar to the way that an AR pistol has a magazine well.

The front sight is a standard 5.56x45mm NATO round.

The lower receiver, or upper, has been fitted with a standard, aluminum bolt.

The trigger is a single-action bolt with a flat-top gas block.

The top of the bolt has a sling swivel and a threaded buttstock.

The barrel has a barrel nut and is threaded for a gas block for a muzzle brake.

The rear sight is an optical element that is adjustable.

The stock has an optional, custom-fit, sling swop, and a trigger guard.

There are a number of features on the Ares Arms Ares AR rifle, but there are no specs or specs on the new Ares AR.

Ares does not provide any information on how many of these AR rifles are planned for production.

The company says it will release more information on its Ares AR in a few months.

The latest Ares AR will be available to buy from the company’s website for $2,499.

The current Ares AR has a retail price of $3,499, according to Ares Arms.