How Ted Turner, ESPN, and The Shield are changing the way sports are watched

What we learned this week:Ted Turner’s deal with ESPN is officially done, as Turner’s network will no longer be able to use the Turner Sports brand for any future content on ESPN.

ESPN will still be known as ESPN and will continue to host the sports content on its networks.

The deal also includes a clause that ensures that ESPN will continue in its current name.

This includes all future content that Turner will produce for Turner Sports, including programming on the ESPNU and ESPN3 platforms.

The Shield, ESPN’s new digital network, will begin airing on the same platforms as ESPN, including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, and ESPN Deportes.

The Shield will include all current and future content, including content from ESPN and Turner Sports.

The platform will be available on tablets, smartphones, and televisions.

In the wake of the deaths of two police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ESPN and the National Guard have made it a priority to create a unified platform for its sports programming.

The two companies also announced a $10 million grant to create the Shield, which will offer fans access to all of the ESPN and ESPN2 channels and content across platforms.

“We’ve never looked at this as just a sports-specific thing,” said ESPN Chief Creative Officer Jon Steinberg.

“The Shield is the ultimate sports-only content provider.

It will have access to everything.

We’re going to be making sure that it is not only the best sports network but the best content provider for people to watch sports.”

ESPN, which was purchased by Turner in 2015, is the only network to have an independent sports-focused product.

The network has also partnered with the National Football League to offer its coverage on its digital platforms.

On Thursday, the Shield will begin rolling out across all ESPN platforms.

In addition to the live NFL coverage on ESPN, the network will also be available to watch on iPad, iPhones, and Android devices.