‘This Is A Crime’: Students Say They Have No Place To Go After Shooting at Boulder High School

A Colorado high school shooter was caught on video threatening to kill his fellow students and their families if the Colorado State Board of Education does not withdraw the proposed law that would make it easier for teachers to carry guns in classrooms.

Students at the Boulder Independent School District on Friday were sent home from school for the day after the shooting in which two students were injured.

The district had set up a vigil outside the school to honor the two students killed, a former high school friend and a second student who was shot by a teacher.

After the shooting, a vigil was held for the two victims.

The two students injured Friday were identified as Ryan E. Smith and Jonathan E. Anderson.

The former high student had a concealed carry permit.

Police said the two wounded students were students at the school who were attending a lesson.

The teacher’s name was not released Friday.

It is not known whether the two shooters are in custody or have attorneys.

Schools in Boulder and Fort Collins have been open since last month after an elementary school shooting at another Colorado high-school killed 13 people.