Gurgaon shooting targets target: ‘A gun is the most important thing in life’

The shooting targets at a shooting range in Gurgaons Gurgaonia, the city of the Gurgaonian state capital Gurgaoni, on Saturday were a big hit with customers.

A few customers posted pictures of the targets on social media and the company later posted a video of the target shooting on the company’s Facebook page.

The target shooting targets in Gangaon.

The shooting target targets in India.

A customer in Gagaon.

One customer in Mumbai.

The gun target targets were launched on Thursday and Friday by gunsmiths from the Gunsmiths & Armorers group, said Girish Pandey, managing director at Gunsmithing Group India.

“There are more targets in the next week,” he said.

“We are expecting to see a lot more people shooting targets.”

Gunsmiths in Mumbai also started shooting targets on Friday.

Pandey said the aim of the event was to highlight gun safety.

“The targets are intended for people who want to protect themselves from the gun and want to know how to shoot them safely,” he added.

“It’s aimed at people who live in urban areas.”

Pandey added that gunsmith groups in other parts of the country have also started the event.

“In a few cities, such as Delhi and Mumbai, we are also looking to take on the gun shooting industry,” he noted.