Which TV show will win the Emmys this year?

In the wake of the devastating tsunami that devastated the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, the world is mourning the loss of loved ones and the devastating loss of life that has occurred.

However, a different, more immediate tragedy is taking place, as the BBC’s TV Guide magazine revealed on Sunday that the UK is the first country to be named in the Emmy Hall of Fame, and is the only one of the 26 categories in the ceremony to have not been nominated in the past.

According to the magazine, “the UK is also the first to receive a nomination in the category of Best Drama Series and the first of the remaining 27 countries to receive nominations in the best-of-seven categories, although none have ever won a trophy for such a category.”

The magazine also revealed that, after a week of campaigning for the awards, there is no winner yet.

The only winner in the entire category is for the UK’s biggest-selling series, Game of Thrones, which has yet to win an Emmys nomination.

The Emmys, a worldwide television industry awards show, are presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The Emmys will be held Sunday, April 23 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood, California.