How to shoot hoops at the gym in Australia

The Sydney-based shooting gym company Myrtle Beach Shooting is trying to change the way Australian shooters play the game.

Its been a while since Australia hosted the FIBA World Shooting Championships, and the sport hasn’t even been fully established here.

But Myrle Beach Shooting’s founder Paul Burt has been making a name for himself at the sport’s most elite level.

In 2017, he set up the first Australian team, the Sydney-area All Stars.

Since then, he has been in talks with the Sydney Swimming and Diving Club about setting up a shooting club for its members.

Burt’s team is part of a group of 10 Australian shooters who are currently competing in a world shooting championships in Germany, where the team will compete against 12 other teams.

Myrtle has been shooting since 2006, and while it was a new sport to most of its members, Burt said it was just the beginning.

“It’s a lot of fun to go out and play and just shoot the ball, it’s just a great way to spend your time,” he said.

“There’s a certain level of competition and just to just go out there and shoot and play is something that makes us really proud.”

The company is also building an indoor shooting range, called the Shooting Club, in Sydney.

Burt said the company would need to expand to meet demand, but he said the gym’s aim was to help Australian shooters train for an upcoming Olympic event.

“We’ve got a really exciting time ahead for Australia,” he told AM.

“We’re going to be the first team in the world to shoot the Olympic Games.

Our plan is to start a shooting school in 2019 and to make it as good as possible in a year or two.

We’re very proud of that, and we’re hoping it will be a success.”

Hopefully in the future we can open up the shooting to other people in Australia, so they can learn the skills and develop them.

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