How a gun-toting San Jose police officer saved her life, now she’s a hero

SAN JOSE, California (Reuters) – A gun-wielding San Jose woman is now a hero after saving her own life by taking aim at a gunman who fired at her.

In an emotional video posted to social media on Wednesday, a woman who identifies herself as Jennifer and asked not to be named told her story to a local television station.

In the video, Jennifer can be seen lying on the ground and bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound to the head.

Her eyes were closed and her head was covered with bandages.

“I just need my life back,” she said.

“And my husband.

They just died.”

Her husband, who was sitting in the passenger seat, has been taken to a hospital for evaluation.

The woman, who has since been identified by the San Jose Police Department as Jennifer, said she has been trying to help others who have been shot or wounded in the city’s streets for months.

“Every day I wake up and I’m still crying,” she told the local station KABC-TV.

“They were all shot, they were all killed, but the one thing that’s not changed is they all still need our help.”

It’s not enough, they need us to come out of this together.

“Jennifer said she was in a car on Interstate 680 when she was shot.

She said the gunman, who had fired at least one round, drove past and opened fire at her as she drove away from the scene.

She drove a block to a neighbor’s house and told her to get the family to the hospital.

Jennifer’s husband was shot in the leg and the bullet came out of his hip.

She later learned that he was in critical condition.

Jennifer said the two were in the car and the gunman had fired a bullet into the rear passenger seat.

She told the station she then tried to get her husband to the emergency room, but they couldn’t find him.”

Then he just drove off and I ran after him,” she recounted.”

When I got there, he was sitting there, bleeding.

He was in shock, I was scared.

I thought he was going to die.

“She called her husband’s family and asked them to help her.”

The gunman was eventually apprehended by police.”

He’s not here.”

The gunman was eventually apprehended by police.

Jennifer told the CBS affiliate KTVU she hopes the public can learn about her ordeal and help her family get through it.

“For someone like me who just wants my life to be OK, I’m so thankful I had that gun,” she added.

“So I think people can be inspired by this and I can help somebody else in this situation.”

Jennifer told KTVUnfiltered that she had lost her job and her home after the shooting, but that her husband and children have since been reunited with her.