Obama: No guns in America, but we have guns

The White House’s plan to restrict the sale of handguns in the United States is one of the most extreme gun control proposals in modern history.

But the president’s stance has been widely criticized by both the NRA and the gun industry, who argue that the proposal will result in a spike in gun deaths.

While some critics argue that it will make it harder for Americans to obtain and keep guns, the American Civil Liberties Union says the plan would also lead to increased gun trafficking, increase violence in schools, and potentially make it more difficult for law enforcement to do their jobs.

In a series of tweets, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president is still “pushing for legislation that will ensure the Second Amendment is not taken away.”

Sanders said she has asked Congress to pass legislation “to expand the availability of a single-shot handgun in the U.S., while also addressing the concerns raised by the NRA.”

She said the administration is still reviewing legislation.

She also noted that there are currently two pieces of legislation pending in Congress to allow the sale and use of handguns for self-defense.

One bill would make it legal for law-abiding gun owners to possess firearms in states that allow them to, and another would expand the definition of “domestic violence.”

The two proposals are both backed by the National Rifle Association, which is known for opposing more gun control measures.

Sanders also said that a bipartisan group of senators are “working to address” the need for background checks.

The proposal would expand background checks to those who purchase ammunition, and to people buying guns from federally licensed gun dealers.

Sanders did not elaborate on how these background checks would work.

However, gun control advocates said the bill is a “lunatic” proposal that could lead to more gun deaths and violence.

The White’s plan, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, calls for banning the sale, possession, and transfer of all “assault weapons” that were not modified to accept “bullet-proof glass” or other “firearm-like features.”

The president also wants to impose a ban on the sale or transfer of certain “assault rifles,” including the popular AR-15, the semiautomatic AR-10, and the AR-5.

The NRA has said that the ban on assault weapons will not prevent “people with criminal records or mental health problems” from obtaining a gun.

Sanders told reporters that the president “is continuing to work with Congress to move forward with a bipartisan bill to address these common-sense proposals.”

Sanders also pointed to a recent bipartisan deal struck between the House and Senate that would allow the FBI to conduct background checks on people who buy guns.

The deal was negotiated by Rep. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Rep. Mike Thompson (D