Walmart Shooting Survivors Speak Out: ‘We’re Not Gonna Get Away with It’

WASHINGTON — In the wake of the deadly shooting at a Texas Walmart, survivors of the mall shooting in Mayfair, Texas, have joined with the broader community to call on Walmart to review its policies and implement stronger policies to prevent such incidents in the future.

Walmart’s new policies on security have been criticized as overly complex and poorly communicated, and survivors and others have voiced concerns about their lack of implementation and the lack of oversight.

The Walmart shooting in April of this year, which was a result of a confrontation between two employees and a gunman, prompted the retailer to issue new security guidelines.

In addition, the company pledged to donate $1 million to help victims of gun violence in the wake.

WalMart spokeswoman Melissa Tumulty said in an email that Walmart is committed to its policies, and that the company has been “working closely with our employees and their families to develop a better, safer environment for all.”

Walmart has faced criticism for its security, especially in light of the tragedy at the mall in Mayday, Texas.

In April, a man killed nine people at the store, including himself, before killing himself, and then barricaded himself inside the store for several hours.

The gunman then used a semi-automatic rifle to kill himself.