When a team wins, the shooting game dies

Posted October 14, 2018 08:53:07When a team loses, the scoring game thrives.

In this NBA-centric, social media-fueled era, the NBA’s shooting game is more than just a glorified shot clock.

The NBA has become a social game, and the stakes have never been higher.

When a player is shot or passes, the entire league instantly looks like a sports movie.

That means teams have to create mismatches to succeed.

The NBA has had to do more than adapt to its social climate to thrive.

The league has had plenty of opportunities to do so, but it has chosen to stay out of the fray.

This year alone, the Warriors and Clippers have combined for six losses and the Nuggets have given up five.

The Knicks, Lakers, Wizards, Pacers and Spurs have all combined to give up at least three in a single game.

Even with all of the injuries to stars like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the teams still play together to a degree.

The Pelicans have been one of the NBA leaders in points allowed this season, and it’s hard to find a player in the league who is not part of the Pelicans offense.

The Rockets and Pelicans have a combined record of 31-23 this season.

The Rockets are a dominant defensive team, and their inability to get stops on offense is a major reason why the Rockets are not in playoff contention.

The Nuggets have allowed the fewest points per game in the NBA, and they have allowed more points per possession than any team in the East.

This is a trend the Warriors have seen every year.

The Warriors have been the best team in basketball in every single season since the 2015-16 season.

Their team has been dominant and efficient in nearly every single way.

However, this year has been different.

The team has become more and more stagnant.

The Warriors are shooting a mere 31.1 percent from three this season compared to the 32.1 they were shooting in the 2014-15 season.

That’s not going to change in the future, but this season has made things even worse.

This is not a team that will be able to compete for a playoff spot next season.

It’s time for the Warriors to focus on their other areas of weakness and focus on developing their defense.

That’s not the only thing the Warriors need to address.

The Kings have been a massive disappointment this season in the standings.

The only team that is a more complete team than the Kings is the Cavs, and even that team is playing without superstar Kyrie Irving.

That has to change.

The Cavs have played in the playoffs since the 2011-12 season, but they have not made the postseason since that season.

There is no one player that can change that.

One player is going to be the biggest factor in how the Warriors finish in the Western Conference.

It will be Steph Curry.

The Cavaliers have been unable to play with any of their star players this season due to injury.

The absence of LeBron James has been an issue for the Cavs as well.

It was not a great season for the Cavaliers, but James was healthy enough to play and play well.

The Cavaliers have not been able to put the pieces together on the court to be successful, so it is time for Kyrie to step up.

Kyrie Irving is the perfect player to fill the void left by LeBron.

He is a one-dimensional defender, but has an incredible offensive game.

He has a knack for getting into the lane and making plays for his teammates.

He can be a lethal scorer and an efficient scorer.

He does everything on the floor that he can on the ball, but he has the ability to do it at a much higher rate.

His offensive game is simply unmatched.

He scores on almost every pick-and-roll he sees and is able to set screens for his shooters, which allows them to score from anywhere on the field.

Irving is able and willing to shoot threes in all three zones.

He gets open looks for his jumpers and has the athleticism to get around defenders and make them miss.

Irving can create his own shot at the rim, which he has done over the last two seasons.

He also has the passing skills to be able take the ball to the basket when he needs to.

He is the most efficient scorer on the team, averaging 12.7 points per 100 possessions.

He was also third in the entire NBA in assists last season, which is a very good stat considering he missed more than half of his games last year due to a knee injury.

He should be able increase his efficiency and be a more productive player for his team.

The Cavs are going to need to find ways to get their defense clicking again.

The defense that the Cavs have had all season is not the type that can win games against the best teams in the conference.

It is a defense that is just too predictable.

This season has been a learning experience for the team and the fans alike.

The players