FeedEx: What happens when a gun goes on sale?

The next time you order your next meal, don’t expect it to be served in a gun-free zone.

That’s because the NRA, the gun rights group, is set to announce a new rule this week banning gun sales on its website.

The rule, which goes into effect on Monday, says that when a website lists items like burgers, wings and pasta, the products are to be sold only in an area where they are sold in a manner that prohibits firearms.

The rules, which are being rolled out in conjunction with the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, will apply to nearly every website listed by the organization, which hosts a vast array of popular brands.

They include Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Chipotle, McDonalds and Subway.

In addition, the rules will allow for a minimum amount of food to be offered at each location, as long as the amount is not more than $1 per person.

They will also allow people to order up to two meals at a time for a maximum of five people, though the minimum amount for a meal will be $5.

There are no restrictions on firearm sales at the sites listed in the rule, so long as they are in the same shopping center or at a place where the gun is not visible, the NRA said in a statement.

The NRA, which has been working on a similar policy for months, said it was working with a range of businesses to make sure that the rule was fair to the public.

“We know that people are upset about gun violence and we know that it can cause fear in people,” NRA spokesman Jonathan Albright said.

“This rule is not a new proposal.

It’s been in the works for some time.

This is not about banning guns in some way, shape or form, it’s about allowing the public to enjoy the products that they’re purchasing, and we want to be fair to them.”NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Cates said the rule will not apply to the site of a funeral home, where the sale of funeral merchandise is banned, or to a sporting goods store, where guns are allowed.

She said the organization will continue to work with vendors on the site and will update the rules as they change.

There have been several high-profile shootings in recent weeks, including one in Texas where the gunman used a semi-automatic handgun to kill at least 10 people and wound more than 50 others before police shot him dead.

The U.S. Justice Department, which oversees the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, issued new guidelines on Wednesday to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, to allow for people to buy guns online and on other sites.

The new rules are expected to apply to people who already have a NICS record.

The new rule is intended to prevent criminals and those with criminal histories from buying guns.

The NRA has also lobbied against expanding background checks to all gun buyers, arguing that the new law is an effort to allow criminals to buy firearms.

The rule is set up to allow people who are prohibited from buying firearms to order a gun.