How to shoot a rock from the comfort of your home

Posted March 05, 2019 18:25:22A rock thrown from the back of a car during a boulderfall in New Zealand was shot from a distance of 50 metres (160 feet).

The New Zealand Alpine Sports Commission (NASSC) released a statement on the incident on Thursday, saying the shot had been captured on video and was in the process of being analysed.

The shot was taken on the banks of the New River in Northland on February 10, according to the NASSC.

It was a large boulder which was falling off the backside of the car, according the NAS.

The NASSB said the rock was being carried by a car in the area when it was struck by a rockfall on its way to the mountaintop.

The agency said the boulder was thrown by a male car driver.

It was not clear what happened to the car driver and the rockfall.

The car driver was uninjured, but the car did not come to rest on its side, the NassC said.

In New Zealand, there is a law against shooting in open ground, but there are no penalties for the use of an illegal weapon.

A number of people have been charged over the incident.