When Detroit is shooting in the parkland

DTE Energy has been fined by the federal government for using a marketing campaign for its parkland batteries to promote the safety of shooting.DTE’s advertising campaign for the batteries was launched in June last year.

In an advertisement, DTE’s president and CEO, Tim McQuay, states the battery’s “safety record has been well established” and that “we’ve seen the safety record of parkland shooting at just under 5,000 incidents since the battery was launched”.

In his ad, McQuaid says: “These batteries have the highest level of safety, with less than 1% of the incidents that resulted in injuries being caused by a battery.”

The US government, however, has found that DTE is misleading its customers about the safety and effectiveness of the batteries.

In a letter dated October 28, the US Department of Energy found that the batteries have “a low level of energy storage capacity” and “can be easily discharged and recharged by normal, non-Parkland-specific means”.

It said: “Although the batteries are designed to protect against the potential for a fire, they also have a small, but significant amount of energy capacity.”

According to the letter, the batteries’ safety record has “been well established”.

However, the Department of Justice says the batteries can be discharged and reused without any risk to the public.

The Department of Transportation said in a statement: “This is due to the fact that parkland battery manufacturers are required to keep batteries of similar quality, design and performance.”DTE, however has been criticised for using the advertising campaign.

In a statement, Dwayne Dees, president of the Parkland Shooting Association, said:”We are concerned that DTS Energy is using the Parklands shooting incidents to promote safety of the parklands battery.”

In a separate statement, the National Shooting Sports Foundation said it was disappointed that DTD Energy had been fined for misleading its users.

“We will continue to fight for the continued availability of safe and reliable parkland and military-grade batteries,” it said.