How to shoot a gun without a license

“What if I told you that I would never be able to purchase a firearm because I was a criminal?” that’s what one Washington gun shop owner was asked in a video interview with the Seattle Times.

The question was posed by one of the owners of the Washington Shooting Supply, who said that he would never have the chance to buy a gun after the state legislature passed a bill last month that makes it illegal for people convicted of felonies to own guns.

The bill has the support of the National Rifle Association, which is pushing to make it harder for criminals to obtain firearms.

“Our country has gone through this crisis of gun violence, and the most important thing to do is to reduce the number of gun homicides, especially among young people,” NRA spokesperson Jennifer Baker said.

“The more we know about the underlying factors that lead to gun violence in the United States, the more we can change the minds of people and make the right decisions in their lives.”

The Seattle Times reported that the Washington Gun Shop owner, who asked to remain anonymous, said that while the bill is meant to “help the police solve crimes,” it is also meant to make the state a “sanctuary state.”

“I can’t buy a firearm without a permit,” he said.

The Washington Shooting Store has had a gun for nearly two decades, but has been unable to legally purchase a gun since 2016.

The Washington Gun Store owner told the Seattle Post that while he had not been able to legally buy a handgun in years, he would be willing to buy one in the future.

The owner, however, did not say how much he would pay for the gun, which has a hammer, trigger, and magazine capacity of two rounds.

The Seattle Times said that the owner was unsure whether he could obtain a firearm in the state, and said that “the NRA’s push to make gun ownership a crime in Washington is all too real.”

The Washington Gun Show and Gun Sales, which are not legally regulated by the state government, also said that they were “not aware of any legislation that would make it illegal to own a firearm, legally or illegally, in Washington.”