Walmart Shooting Ear Protection Sets Up With FedEx for First Retailer’s Support

Walmart has announced a partnership with FedEx to sell its ear protection earphones to FedEx customers.

The ear protection program will begin with the company’s first retail partners.

The first retail partner will be Walgreens.

The ear protection product will be available at all Walmart locations from July 1, 2018 through July 31, 2018.

Walmart will also sell the ear protection on Amazon for $34.99 per pair, a savings of $10 off the regular price of $79.99.

This will also include free shipping on orders of $149.99 or more.

The company said that in addition to the ear protectors, the earphones are available in an assortment of other products, including ear plugs, ear pads, ear brushes, and ear cleaning products.

Walgreens also announced that the company will continue to provide FedEx with free shipping for all orders.

Wal-Mart will continue working with other retailers to continue to offer free shipping, Walmart said. 

The partnership marks Walmart’s first major retail partner for ear protection. 

“I’ve seen so many of our customers asking for the best ear protection to wear when shooting with them, and I know they’ll be happy to hear we’re working with Walmart to deliver their customers a great product at a price they can afford,” said Mike Mays, vice president of the Retailer Association of the United States. 

Mays said Walmart has made ear protection a priority.

Walter Marcus, Walmart’s chief operating officer, said in a statement, “Our commitment to providing our customers with the best protection and support for our employees, customers, and associates makes our partnership with Amazon an important one.”