Church Shooting Stars: ‘They Were Not the People You Would Have Expected’

A Texas church shooting star has become the latest person to join the ranks of those who lost loved ones in a mass shooting in Texas.

James Arthur Moore, a musician and the son of actor John Moore, was one of four victims who were killed during the Sutherland Springs church shooting on Wednesday.

He told ABC News he was devastated to learn of his father’s death.

He called Sutherland Springs a “huge loss” and a “very, very sad day.”

“It’s very hard to come back to reality,” he said.

“I’m still trying to process what happened.

I have to understand why I lost my father and I have not had any conversations about it.”

Moore is survived by his parents, David and Sarah Moore, and a sister, Rachel Moore.

The couple are expecting a third child.ABC News’ Mary Ann Glendon and David M. Gomez contributed to this report.