Trump: Mass shooting surge in Washington DC is ‘a hoax’

Trump: mass shooting surges in Washington D.C. is a hoax article Trump blasts ‘fake news’ as he defends tweet linking President Donald Trump to the DC mass shooting, calling it a hoax.

Trump’s tweet Sunday evening was a reference to the mass shooting that killed six people at a movie theater in Colorado Springs, Colo., that left one person dead and three others injured earlier this month.

“Mass shooting in DC is a fake story, totally made up by the Democrats and @foxandfriends,” Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon.

“It is another example of the FAKE NEWS media.”

The tweet comes as the White House and the president’s office have continued to press the narrative that the president is at the center of the shooting.

Trump has not addressed the issue since his tweet, but his office has repeatedly said the president was at the theater, which he called a ‘very successful’ screening.

“If there’s one thing President Trump is good at, it is lying,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday.

Sanders and other officials have pushed back against media outlets and critics who have said the White, House and president are not connected to the shooting, and that there is no evidence that the shooting was politically motivated.

Trump himself has been critical of the media, saying it has tried to “disgrace” his presidency by reporting on his health.

On Saturday, the president took to Twitter to defend himself against a new story that said he had been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, which would make it impossible for him to serve as president.

The White House later clarified that the diagnosis was made in February and that Trump was not in any way connected to it.

“President Trump has not received a diagnosis of brain cancer,” White and @PressSec Sarah Huckabee SSanders said Monday in a statement.

“The president is in excellent health and will continue to be so.

He was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a form of brain tumor that has no cure.”

The White house has said the President has had a tumor since early March.

But the White house on Monday denied that the President is still undergoing treatment, calling the claims a “rumor” and saying the president has been receiving “prophylactic treatments.”

The president has not returned calls and emails seeking comment.