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Advertise on TheBallisticBlog to promote your service or product to our audience, viewable on any device.

We offer a wide variety of branding and targeting options to make it easy for you to buy ads on

Banners (600 x 120)

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Want to target your ads by iOS, Android, tablet, and/or mobile device? We can do that too, but you will have to email us at [email protected] to set that up.

Side Ads (300 x 300)

Site Takeovers

Buy a site takeover where your brand takes over our entire web site. Like our new web site design, you ads change to the best format based on whether a user views it on the desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This is perfect opportunity for new product launches.

Sponsored Stories

Native ads are the hottest ad units on the Web now and our site is designed to showcase your sponsored stories. We can’t post a sponsored review (as that wouldn’t be perceived as an honest review, and is against our review guidelines) but we can post and share sponsored stories about your upcoming new releases, updates, and product launches.

Want CPI?

Sorry, we do not sell directly CPI ads. The reason is that there simply isn’t a technology available to track installs from the mobile web.  Browsers like Safari and Chrome use IP addresses for tracking, not an AD-ID like an app, so there is leakage. Our audience is perfect for mobile installs, but the technology is not.  Also, TheBallisticBlog is a big firearms and survivalist site but we do not provide enough scale to make CPI work for you (you need to spend a lot of money for CPI to get an acceptable return of investment.  Truth is most apps, web sites, or networks on their own can’t provide that scale).

We’re talking to CPI ad networks and the moment and once we find a good solution and partner, we’ll list it here.

For all ad inquiries, email us at [email protected].


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